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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  September 30, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00 on your side. >> representatives at the vatican said the butler did it. the trial of pope benedict's former butler went on today. he is accused of passing on information to journalists. it is considered one of the worst breaches of security in vatican history. if convicted, he faces up to eight years behind bars.
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news around the nation now. we have more information on that debt the workplace shooting in minneapolis. the parents of the shooter say they were so concerned about their son's paranoia they enrolled in a class for families of the mentally ill. he was fired from his job by thursday morning. he returned to the business later that day and opened fire. he killed five people before he turned the gun on himself. a giant in journalism. tonight people remembering the life of arthur ochs sulzberger. the former new york times publisher died today after a long illness. he took charge of the paper in 1963. over the years the times influence and province -- profits grew. he was 86 years old.
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there was a sequel on the highways of los angeles. it was the beginning of carmeggedon ii. police say traffic was light and drivers are staying away from the construction is done. and hundreds of workers rolled up their sleeves and got 30 today in southeast washington. they remodel the recreation park in congress heights. the neighbors say these for much-needed improvements. >> more than 700 volunteers. it was a shining star in the community. >> lots of fun good exercise. is working now for me. >> the happily donated their time. they wanted to live here and saw the place needed new life. >> this is a good exercise for a
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student to get back together and be one again. >> today is all about giving kids a safe place to play. the last time this place was given that kind of attention was in 1998. >> they are so amazed. that is probably one of the best things about this. >> mike norton co-chaired the event. designers from competing real- estate firms came together for park improvements. among the changes -- and new prominence, tennis courts, a community garden for picnicking among many other upgrades. >> this is amazing. is wonderful. >> iris johnson has lived in congress heights for years and says this is exactly what was missing. >> somewhere where the kids can go and play. it is wonderful. >> abc7 news.
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>> all right. so it is going to be a long night for some police officers. two of them have been sitting on top of the dunkin donuts. they are collecting donations for the special olympics of maryland. they expect to raise $6,000. take a look. a beautiful picture tonight. yes, it is a gorgeous even in. 56 degrees now. it is going to get a lot cooler. >> yes, it is going to get a lot cooler as we move through the next day or so. we're going to have a little bit of a warm-up by the web. -- by the way. then we will take a turn. >> yes. >> alright. once again, we are looking at partly to mostly cloudy skies at this hour.
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this will stay with us for good part of the overnight hours. two. levels are in the 40's. that is why it feels -- dew point levels are in the 40's. that is why i feel so comfortable outside. 74 is the average for this day. the record is 93 said back in 1954. so, a long way off from that. there we go. let's take a look at this now. temperatures 50 degrees in gaithersburg. manassas at 52 degrees. temperatures are pretty much uniform across the east coast at this time. 57 oberoi and detroit's. trust and looking at 51 degrees -- charleston looking at 51 degrees. here is a spot looking to clear
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up just a little bit. we have a straight shower or two across western pennsylvania. really, not expecting much. tomorrow, we may see a few sprinkles, mainly west of the sea, and we will see that in our futurecast, over the next 48 hours. here are those scattered showers. they are really not going to amount to much. winchester cumberland, you may see a few raindrops. if you lapland's outdoors tomorrow, do not cancel the. you should not have -- if you have plants outdoors tomorrow, do not cancel them. you should not have problems at all. we will see the potential for heavier rain, and that will happen late monday night into tuesday. worth watching. we will keep you updated. of course, online
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we will start off with sunshine and clouds will increase through the afternoon hours. a sprinkle or two. temperatures are going to warm to nearly 80 degrees on wednesday, and then by thursday and friday we will start to cool down and by next weekend, we could be looking at a shot but even cooler air across the mid- atlantic. >> ok. we have a little consistency there. >> all right. thank you, steve. it could be a huge night. well let's say. are we celebrating? >> not quite yet. hang on. the major league. a lot of this is in our area. a lot of fans are celebrating. the nationals are the champs at clinching the national league.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers.
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>> the national last night had a chance to clinch the national league east. can the nationals handle their business? a great opportunity. bases loaded. it is gone -- wait a minute. no. back of the infield, morris gets back. women at. the umpires have gone to the -- wait a minute. the umpires of gone to the instant replay. batck at the plate with no back. have you ever seen that before? >> yes. >> in my backyard as a kid. bottom of the ninth. second of the third. the nationals hold on. let's hope the next number is one they can clinch, tomorrow.
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the red sox, the final weekend of the regular season. the orioles, watch this. does he have it? yes he did -- yes, he did. he is out up there. tied at the bottom of the seventh. that is a line shot. in left center. they win four-three. tied with the yankees. virginia tech making the home field athletics stadium yesterday. they hosted cincinnati. it was a tough one for tech. here they go. taking it right in stride. and he is gone. he keeps running. bthe bearcats go long.
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sliding cats. cincinnati when is a 27-24. looking long down the sidelines -- wide-open. he has got it. he is gone. 73-yard touchdown. virginia up 14 but this turned into a wild ending. at one. there was 34 unanswered points. baby the cavaliers 34-38. -- they beat the cavaliers 34- 38. third quarter, miller again. that is damon osborn stepping in front of the receiver. intercepted. 12-0. what the year. the ball comes right at you and
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you are right there. touched down in the end zone. >> virginia and the heisman candidate -- a terrific day. 45-50. 58 yards. eight touchdowns. 87-yard strike. he caught 17 on the day. the final score -- 70-63 west virginia. another good day in chicago for the americans. the u.s. ryder cup team is now over europe, going into the final round of the tournament. >> all right. >> good to hear. >> coming up -- one of the world's most famous lingerie retailers is opening a new
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>> victoria's secret is opening its first street store in an unlikely place. is located deep inside cowboys stadium in dallas. it will coincide with the cowboys' monday night game against the chicago bears. at the new store, the collection will include the names and logos of all nfl teams.
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pamemela howze: it just seems like such an... infringement on our lives. how dare they step into my life that way. it's none of their business.
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he's trying to restrict us again. he's taking us backwards. george allen is the last thing we need in washington. anncr: the democratic senatorial campaign committee is... responsible for the content of this advertising. >> steve is back with a final look at the forecast. >> alright, a chilly start to the morning tomorrow. you may see a few sprinkles or two -- a sprinkle or two late in the afternoon. not going to amount much west
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of d.c. 70's on monday. chance for heavier rain on tuesday. than a cool down as we move into next weekend. our daily eye-wonder. the arctic express. check out. >> it is going to be hot and muggy. >> not ready. not ready.
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12:23 am th 's welcome to the value you deserve. welcome to life on fios. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news saturday news extra, on your side. >> the first debate between president obama and his republican challenger mitt romney is set for wednesday. while they prepare for the show down in denver, their running mates for campaigning in battleground states.
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>> president obama and mitt romney were out of the public eye today as they get ready for the first debate on wednesday. vice president in spoke in florida up for the second consecutive day. he blamed republicans and the bush should ministration for the deficit. >> by the times be rains were turned over to barack and me, they had doubled the national debt in eight years. >> today, paul ryan campaigned in new hampshire. the granite state has four electoral votes. but that could make a difference in the race that could come down to a handful of states. >> thank you for sending mitt romney to the white house and barack obama back to chicago. >> the campaign is shifting to a different stage this week with wednesday night's showdown
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between president obama ann romney. >> if you have taken a look at the history of debates, it is not about policies. is not about facts. it has changed because someone did badly or did well. >> both candidates are in intense prep sections. romney may have the most on the line. his campaign is looking at this as a chance for a game changer. >> one more note from the campaign trail. and a four paul ryan has confirmed -- and aide for paul ryan has confirmed you will spend three days preparing for his debate with vice president joe biden. and new information in the arrest but -- the rest of a man charged with armed robbery and
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the beating of another man. the police chief says three men attacked others that night, apparently trying to get cell phones from each victim. none of these attacks were as severe as the victim who has undergone four brain surgery is. authorities have identified remains of a body found in a wooded area -- they are the remains of catherine bryant. the 33-year-old was reported missing by family members in 2006. foul play is suspected, but so far no other information is being released about this case. pepco customers can expect bigger bills from now on. protesters gathered to protest the proposed rate hike. that will be $2.50 added to every customer's bill every month.
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there was another vote to approve a new contract for another 1200 line workers and electricians. be workers rejected -- the workers rejected the contract. the city council is working on registration -- legislation to deal with cleanup cost for chronic flooding in bloomingdale. that is in west washington. pc officials say a long-term solution to this constant -- d.c. officials say long term solution to this constant flooding likely will not be in place until 2025. the d.c. taxi association is looking to crack down on uber taxi service. they have drivers waiting all day. that cut above service is exactly why they pay more
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according to some users. but cabbies say they are eating into their livelihood. >> is 10 times better than the dirty filthy cabs or the drivers barely know where they are going and do not speak english. it costs more and i am happy to pay it. >> my business is way down is difficult to make a living at this moment. >> the service must have a d.c. office and at least 20 vehicles according to regulations. they say that regulation should only pertain to safety and security. apple products are truly popular with customers. police are noticing they are also popular with thieves. we have a look at how these across the east coast -- a police are looking across the east coast to keep customers save. >> ipod ipod nano.
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>> not only popular among consumers, they are the product of choice for discerning thieves. >> the resale value is incredibly high. they are commodities. >> the theft of apple products are up 40% this year. d.c. police have yet to see a similar spy but law enforcement across the area is on alert. georgetown public safety recently sent out a notice to students warning of smart phone that. >> there have been a lot of people work -- walking around. >> they expect these to be on the lookout for the iphone 5. >> it is the hot phone. it is very popular on the market. >> with more than 3 billion iphone five models sold last week alone


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